Health Careers Scholarship

We are proud to offer a scholarship for employees of Essentia Health-Deer River, Grand Rapids or Remer seeking to advance their education in the health care field.

Eligibility & Scholarships:

  • Up to $1,000/year for current Essentia Health-Deer River, Grand Rapids and Remer employees seeking a new or additional degree/certification in a health care field.  Recipients may re-apply.

Health Careers Scholarship Guidelines

DRHCF Scholarship Application

EMS Scholarship

The Deer River Area Health Care Foundation is proud to offer scholarship opportunities to advance  careers in Emergency Medical Services.


  • Employees of Essentia Health Deer River, Grand Rapids and Remer
  • Deer River High School Seniors


The following scholarships are available:

Ongoing Education – up to $500 for conferences and continuing education (for current Essentia Health-Deer River EMS Employees) (3 available/year)

EMTS:  $500 for EMT certification (1 available/year)

Paramedic: $1,000 for Paramedic certification (1 available/year)

Community Paramedic Program: – up to $1,500 to current Essentia Health-Deer River Paramedics seeking Community Paramedic certification (subject to funds availability)

EMS Scholarship Guidelines 

DRHCF Scholarship Application