Fitness Center Grant


For more than a decade, in the wee hours of the morning, a loyal group of community members gathers at the Deer River High School Fitness Center.  For most who utilize the Center, it is their only local access to fitness equipment.  Some come to rehabilitate after injury or illness, some to maintain physical activity in winter months, but all have come to depend on this resource as a way to remain active and healthy.

“We were approached by the DRHS staff & volunteers with a need for new equipment for the Fitness Center.  Despite regular repairs and maintenance, the treadmill and elliptical were nearing the end of their life and were in desperate need of replacement.  We know that regular exercise is an essential part of health and wellness, but it’s not always easy in our rural area, especially in winter months. We wanted to ensure that this important resource would continue to be available for our community” states Leah Oslin, Foundation Director.

The Deer River Area Health Care Foundation recently approved a grant to upgrade the equipment at the DRHS Fitness Center.  Funding allowed the school to purchase an elliptical and a treadmill to replace existing equipment which had been in service for over 15 years. The Foundation has worked closely with the District on numerous projects. The Fitness Center was a natural fit for its mission of promoting health and wellness in the Deer River area.

“The Deer River School District is grateful for this grant and for all the work the Deer River Area Health Care Foundation does in the community. The fitness center at the Deer River High School is something that our community has been using since it opened over 15 years ago, and this generous grant helps with some necessary updates to some of the equipment our community uses the most”  shares ISD 317 Superintendent Matt Grose.